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Wish me luck XD

Sry for the lack of songs and updates but I had to prepare for my final exams.

Can you suggest some songs that share the same style as Persona 2: Eternal Punishment? I´m really in love with the normal and boss battle theme. You know some upbeat tracks? any recommendations would be nice. THX in advance newgrounders!!

I need YOUR help!

2008-06-21 04:57:28 by Earthbound-boy

hello newgrounders! i have a favor to ask. i need some good music for an rpg i am making in the summer holidays. especially some battle musics! i know it´s kinda pathetic that i can´t make one by myself but my songs sounds too technoish i think so i need your help!

but not only a battle music i accept ANYTHING good and will credit you in the game for sure.

well i hope i get some assistance!

(i know the audio portal offers some good tunes but it´s either from a game or it isn´t something i like.)

thank you very much.

Hello newgrounders! as the title says i need ideas for music that can be used in flashes. so if you need
for example a dnb track , i try my best and make you one. i choose one of your wishes ( or more^^)
and make them for you because... i want finally see one of my songs in a flash movie^^

i hope i can help you.