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I need ideas! or work for flash music.

2007-08-04 23:20:51 by Earthbound-boy

Hello newgrounders! as the title says i need ideas for music that can be used in flashes. so if you need
for example a dnb track , i try my best and make you one. i choose one of your wishes ( or more^^)
and make them for you because... i want finally see one of my songs in a flash movie^^

i hope i can help you.



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2008-02-12 23:53:41

you should make more Final Fantasy music, your music is awesome

Earthbound-boy responds:

um...thanks im kinda blushed^^ and honred of course. i inform you when i make a new song, if it´s ff or not ok?


2008-02-15 16:34:52

i would like to hear some FFX music

Earthbound-boy responds:

ffx? all right i pm you when i made one. wish me luck!^^


2008-04-09 04:53:14

How about high tempo fighting music? or sutle silent music for the calm parts!


2008-04-22 21:09:14

Hey check out my page you gotta see the hilarious video on there you'll love it!

Earthbound-boy responds:

oh ok but tha video doesn´t work!^^


2008-04-26 17:49:50

hey check out my site and look and look at my stuff pics vids music favourites

Earthbound-boy responds:

ok i will. by the way... I CAN SEE YOUR FAVOURITES!!!! muahaha hardcore poker XP


2008-05-19 17:08:08

i makeing a movie and need some music something like last resort

Earthbound-boy responds:

some sort of last resort? i ´ll try. but i can guarantee for nothing.