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I need YOUR help!

2008-06-21 04:57:28 by Earthbound-boy

hello newgrounders! i have a favor to ask. i need some good music for an rpg i am making in the summer holidays. especially some battle musics! i know it´s kinda pathetic that i can´t make one by myself but my songs sounds too technoish i think so i need your help!

but not only a battle music i accept ANYTHING good and will credit you in the game for sure.

well i hope i get some assistance!

(i know the audio portal offers some good tunes but it´s either from a game or it isn´t something i like.)

thank you very much.


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2008-06-21 05:09:54

Ill see wat i can do.

(Updated ) Earthbound-boy responds:

thanks a bunch!, huh? du bist auch deutscher?^^ (you are german too???)


2008-06-21 05:10:42

Also how will i send it to u?


2008-06-21 06:05:29

I think you just upload and send the link. Try stuff from ParagonX9...she's good.


2008-06-22 13:43:38

thank you guys for answering but paragon x9 is too DNB-stylish. i need some classical rpg tunes that are unique^^


2008-09-08 23:40:47

Your music is so awesome I decided to use it. :D /458850

Keep making the awesome music. :)


2008-11-23 14:19:57

i used to live in germany